Tom Neil Signed Books


Tom is a hugely successful and respected author having written numerous books on his wartime experiences, including such titles as Scramble, Gun Button to Fire, Onward to Malta, The Silver Spitfire, A Fighter In My Sights and From The Cockpit.

6 of Tom’s books are available to purchase as below, including his two latest 2017 titles ‘Portrait of an Airman’ and ‘Acts of Fate’, and will come personally hand signed by Tom with the option of a message or dedication of your choosing.

To order please send an email on the ‘Contact/Order’ page with the title of the book(s) you would like to order, the message you would like Tom to write, and your email address. Combined postage will be available for multiple orders.


PORTRAIT OF AN AIRMAN (Hardback – 2017)

First written over 40 years ago by Tom, Portrait of an Airman is a dramatic fictional story of love, life, controversy and tragedy where two very different people are brought together by the chaos of war. When a young Battle of Britain pilot is invited back to his old school to talk about his flying experiences, he strikes up an unlikely friendship with his old French teacher.

Hardback Cost = £30.00 (inc. P&P to mainland UK)


ACTS OF FATE (Hardback – 2017)

Completing the trilogy of ‘faction’ books alongside Tom’s previous titles ‘Flight into Darkness’ & ‘Questions of Guilt’ – this book contains Tom’s 3 final short-stories, all based on his own experiences & real events with names & situations modified to keep the personalities involved anonymous. The 3 stories are: ‘Acts of Fate’, ‘Jonathan Kerr’, and ‘An Unusual Period of Rest’.

Hardback Cost = £25.00 (inc. P&P to mainland UK)

 ScrambleSCRAMBLE! -The dramatic story of a young fighter pilot’s experiences during the Battle of Britain & the Siege of Malta (Hardback or Paperback – 2015/16).

This book is Tom’s memoir of being a fighter pilot, describing his pre-war years and training before his involvement and survival in the Battle of Britain and subsequent posting to defend Malta. Scramble combines 2 of Tom’s books which are now out of print (due to the publishers) & a third book with updated material (A Fighter in my sights, Gun Button to Fire and Onward to Malta). Tom’s beautiful writing style and incredibly descriptive memory give you a truly vivid account of events, his comrades and the true experiences of being a young fighter pilot.

Hardback Cost = *Currently Out of Stock*
Paperback Cost = £25.00 (inc. P&P to mainland UK)

Silver Spitfire

THE SILVER SPITFIRE (Paperback – 2014)

Following on from the Battle of Britain and serving in Malta – Tom was assigned as an RAF liaison officer to the 9th USAAF 100th Fighter Wing. In this fascinating story Tom describes his experiences in the build up to, including, and beyond D-Day with the American allies. There is also a tale of romance with a particularly special WAAF, and the story of how Tom commandeered an abandoned Spitfire which he took into battle as his very own personal aircraft! 

 Cost – £12.00 (inc. P&P to mainland UK)


FLIGHT INTO DARKNESS (Hardback – 2006)

One of Tom’s fiction books based on his personal experiences and encounters during the war which allows Tom to be much more expressive in his writing. The book is made up of  4 short-stories based on true events which relay an honest, wide range of emotions from humour to tragedy and which for various reasons were not included in his non-fiction books. The 4 stories are: ‘Flight Into Darkness’, ‘A Welcome in the Hillsides’, ‘A Question of Responsibility’ and ‘A Richer Dust’.

 Cost – £13.00 (inc. P&P to mainland UK)

QoG QUESTIONS OF GUILT (Hardback – 2008)

Following the success of Flight into Darkness, this book presents 3 more fictionalised stories by Tom based upon the real lives of three very different RAF fighter pilots – ‘Questions of Guilt’, ‘Jamie Bell’ and ‘Escape to Tragedy’. The emotional strain of combat flying is vividly portrayed by Tom who both experienced it first hand along with witnessing its effect on his many comrades.

Cost – £13.00 (inc. P&P to mainland UK)